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Everything you need to keep your business safety compliant. 

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Let us take care of all your safety needs from developing and implementing your policies to identify risks within your business and processes and introducing ways to control, reduce or eliminate those risks.  

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Competent Person Service

About our competent person package

Did you know you need a competent health and safety adviser to help you stay on the right side of the law? As a small business, taking on a safety adviser on a full time basis can be tough on your finances. 


Why not sign up to our unique competent person package unique to just you. Here is how it works:


  1. Free consultation via Skype or face-to-face 
  2. We identify your needs as a business and discuss this with you and what it will entail and require
  3. We send you a detailed proposal and cost implications
  4. You accept, pay monthly, quarterly or yearly and we get to work! 
We will also take care of your safety documentation

Once you sign up to this, we will go over all your documentation and make recommendations for changes and updates where necessary. We will introduce new ones if necessary and review them regularly

We are always a phone call away

Every so often, you will need some help, advice or guidance on safety issues. You are free to call or email us. We aim to provide a response to most enquiries and calls within 24 hours. 

Quarterly masterclass unique to your needs

Let’s face it. Every business is unique. We will hold regular masterclass with you and your team to meet the health, safety and wellbeing needs of your staff!

Stay informed of changes to safety regulations

Changes happen often. To help you stay compliant and on the right side of the law, we will keep you updated, ensuring you are doing all that is required of you as a business owner. 

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