1 Week, 2 Safety Shows. The Highlights

Hello beautiful readers, my life has suddenly become so busy with me adding new features to this blog, designing and creating a course for Safety Pros, Safe Schools suddenly becoming busy and of course some personal goals and tasks. I have a ton of articles waiting to be completed, edited and published so stay tuned, they will come one by one.

My work on this blog and my Safe Schools project has been impacting people in ways I never imagined it could and would. I started this blog just to blog and write on Safety issues. I have done no marketing or advertisement except the posts to social media. So it has been great getting feedback from my regular readers and those who just stumble on the blog. Many thanks to you all. Your feedback has been the fuel keeping me going because trust me, blogging isn’t easy.

I have some news for you though. About a week or more ago, I was a guest on 2 different shows. One here in Nigeria with the host of Mothers’ World Becky Oyibo at Jyb Station and another with Claudia Santiago in Canada, the host of Revive Live, an online Health and Wellness show.

I will share some highlights from both shows and tell you how you can get to watch them.

1. Mothers’ World with Becky Oyibo

I met Becky Oyibo on Facebook. She is a colourful lady who happens to be a colours expert. She contacted me to be a guest on her show and I gladly accepted.

Thursday 3rd November, 2016, I arrived Jyb Station in Agidingbi at about 10:20am. The show was slated to start at 11am. I love to be early so I can settle in and get chatting. The recording started at about 11am.

Professor ike on mothers' world
Professor Ike with Becky Oyibo on Mothers’ World


We talked about Child Sexual Abuse. I chose to talk about this topic because of the many stories I have been hearing about and the fact that I am passionate about Child Protection issues since they are non-existent in Nigeria.

A story was once shared on my Facebook group about a 15-month old girl who is currently being sexually abused and penetrated! That story troubled me so much and still troubles me. Children who are abused are mostly abused by those around them – family members, neighbours and even teachers.

In this show, I talk about this problem and why and how children can be protected. The most effective weapon against an abuser is Education. Don’t be afraid to educate your children about sexual health and sexual abuse. An educated child will speak up and stop the abuse before it starts but an uneducated child will get used to the abuse and think it is love or they just keep quiet and try to cope.

This topic is too dear to me so I am planning to have talks with parents and teachers and hopefully a live webinar and Q & A session. Once plans have been completed, I will announce it.

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On Mothers’ World, I also talked about School Safety focusing on Transport Safety and Food hygiene. The shows will air soon, will let you know once I am aware of the broadcast dates!

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2. Revive Live Health and Wellness with Claudia Santiago

Oh wow! Claudia is an energetic and sweet lady. Her energy is so contagious. Talking to her makes me so happy.

Claudia found me on Twitter when she stumbled on one of my tweets that took her to this blog to read my articles. She loved what she read here and sent me a message asking me to be a guest on her show. I was elated.

Before I say yes to such requests, I go on their website to see what they are about. I saw that she had been doing these shows for a long time. She is doing a good thing! Of course, I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

The live broadcast was slated for Monday 7th November, 2016 3PM PST / 6PM EST. that translates to 12 midnight Nigeria time. I wondered how I was going to manage to stay awake and not yawn throughout lol. The day finally came and wow I was full of life, energy and never yawned (at least to the best of my knowledge lol).

Professor ike on revive live

We talked about Safety and Health in the workplace and how Children can be involved.

One of the main things I wanted the viewers to take away from it was the fact that Moral reasons for Safety should be given priority over Legal and Financial reasons. My reason for reasoning this way is because we shouldn’t get carried away with laws and the thoughts of compensation costs but rather we should think about the lives of those who we work with as more valuable than money or laws.

Yes by all means obey the law but have a heart. Care about people first and how your actions affect them and Safety will be a lot easier. Agree?

Professor ike on revive live

Then I spoke about teaching Children about Safety using sexual abuse as an example and repeating some of what I had discussed with Becky on Mothers’ World. I also reminded the viewers that Schools are not just educational institutions but they are workplaces for many and should be kept safe too.

This show lasted 1 hour but how time flew! I was so happy and grateful to be a guest on the show. It also helped boast my confidence as it was my first live show ever. I always avoid videos and have been delaying on doing webinars but with this, I am gingered and prepared so watch out because I am going to bombard you guys 😉

You need to watch the replay of the live show. Use this link to access it and do come back to tell us how you found it.

Next up is the training/workshop I had at a school a few days ago. I have always been private and try to keep a lot of my activities private but I have been told to be out there more as I am helping a lot of people so here I am friend. I hope you found this post useful.

No quiz on this one. Soon my friend, soon.


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