In need of safety content? Here is how you can create a year’s worth!

In need of safety content? Here is how you can create a year’s worth!

Have you ever downloaded those 100 blog post ideas bloggers tend to share just to get you into their email list? Only to find out that you really can’t use the ideas as they do not meet the unique needs of your industry. No matter how hard you try.

Well, guess what?

I have a method for creating your very own unique topics. Lots of it!

In this post, I will show you exactly how I create safety content that can last you for a year or longer. If you use the same trick, you’re guaranteed to have at least a year’s worth of content ideas in no time.

When I last used this method, I was able to come up with over 2 years’ worth in an hour.

This method is largely based on how I create training content. The exact method was shared in this post first written in 2015. I didn’t even know or see the link until recently, when I started thinking of how to create content for a new business, that would get me noticed by my target audience.

This method will also help you create related social media content that will bring people back to your website. Sweet!

When I started Safe Schools, I knew the only way to gain traction was to be in the face of schools, school owners and educators generally. I shared content everyday. Not just any kind of content, but educational and helpful content they couldn’t find with a simple google search.

With sharing content, came followers and customers in less than 3 months! This was me starting from scratch, with no links or connection in the industry I wanted to work in.

With me giving and sharing freely, they wondered what more I had to give, so automatically, people wanted to work with me and some were willing to pay. I also got invites to speaks at conferences.


There is a trick to it. You gotta hold some back. I screamed THE WHAT each time I posted, but held back on sharing THE WHY. Bad? Not if you want to get paid for your time, effort and skills.

People get educated and now know what they need to do. But, they do not know how to go about it especially the DIY way. Who do they then think can help with the “how”? You of course. Because it is you that has been helping and giving. And guess what?

You deserve it as you are the only one who can truly help them. This is what they will believe based on their experience and journey with you.

Ready to start creating content?

There are 3 stages.

Stage 1: Categorise

The Typical is to have categories usually based on the content of what you’re posting. This post will for example, fall under content/safety content category.

To choose categories, use the main services your provide. You can choose 3-5 categories to keep things simple. Don’t worry if you provide more than 5 services. Most are usually linked and can be used as subcategories.

I will use one example/category throughout this explanatory section to show you exactly have the categorisation and sub-categorisation can be done.

My example is Fire Safety. This will be added to my main categories under the posts section (assuming you use WordPress – see image below)

Wordpress categories

Stage 2: Sub-categorise

Once you convert your services to categories, you now need to sub-categorise.

What services do you provide under a particular main service.

I chose Fire Safety as my example. Take for example, one of my main services is to provide fire safety solutions. Obviously, this service will be divided into unique tasks.

These unique tasks are your sub-categories.

So under Fire Safety, as an example, services you will probably provide are:

1. Fire Risk Assessment
2. Bi-annual and annual Fire Alarm Maintenance
3. Fire Door Surveys/Inspections
4. Sales and servicing of Extinguishers sales and servicing
5. Fire Safety training

Of course you will provide more services under fire safety, please feel free to add them to your own list.

These now become my subcategories and where I start my content creation from.

Stage 3: Create those topics

Now we have some main topics to work off!

Let get creating. I will start with the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA).

Take that service you provide and think of what you do when you carry out this service that will be important for your client or even other related tasks. Make note of them as topics you will be writing the main contact in, without trying to perfecting spelling or wordings. You can always review and tweak.

What do you want your readers to know?

Here are some of my examples.

1. How to check the quality of a Fire Risk Assessment.
2. How to choose a competent fire safety assessor.
3. Interpreting that fire safety report
4. Top 3 mistakes business make with their FRA report
5. How often should you conduct a Fire Risk Assessment?
6. What to expect from a fire officer’s visit

So these are just some ideas that came to me based on my experience working with customers.

Your readers and customers want to know if their report is authentic. So there, I have a topic based on needs.

These prospective customers want to ensure the fire risk assessor is competent and the report will be well received by the fire officer when he visits.

Many receive the FRA report and shove it in a file never to be seen again until the fire officer visits. Hell no. You want them to read it and see where they are failing especially legally,and what needs to be done to put things right. So write about that top mistake many business make with their FRA reports!

You want them to take a good look at the recommendations you have made especially the high risk or high priority ones. You want them to call you back to put these remedial works you have identified right. More business for you basically.

Some wonder if it is necessary to complete an FRA every year or every few years. You want make recommendations and explain why you are making them.

You want them to know the fire officer’s visit is no joke. Seize the opportunity and educate them on what to expect. If anything is lacking, then they will come back to you. Yes you.

The aim all of these, is to educate! Get them to recognise you as their helper. The only one who can solve their problem.

Makes sense?

If you do this for all your services, you are guaranteed to create content for a year and more, and be in the faces and minds of your target customers (in a way way of course) Yippee!

Once you decide the topics, it is advisable you batch write so you have enough content ready or even scheduled especially for when you’re tired and don’t feel like writing or working. Content will be waiting eagerly for you!

What more?

As you write, remember to state how you provide a service that solves the problem you just shared. Go easy on this part. Mention it, and how you can be contacted or follow whatever sales process you have in your organisation.

You can even repurpose these articles and create videos and social media posts off them. But how?

Imagine I have written on how to carry out an FRA.

I can take key messages and make them short and sweet social media posts with images. You can even create quotes out of them. The key is to bring strangers or even followers who missed the blog, to your site!

Depending on length of the article, you can get 4-8 or even more social media posts from them! You can also use a different title or a question to attract readers.

For example, the title of this post is “In need of safety content? Here is how you can create a year’s worth!”

I can reword and post an entirely different but related topic or question on social media.

For example, Did you know you can create over a year’s worth of safety content for your blogs and social media pages in just 1 hour? Or, Will you like to know the 3 key stages of safety content creation guaranteed to give you content for a whole year? We have shared them in this article – link to article.

You see how I reworded and even turned it to a question to make strangers run to my site?

How cool is that?!

A recap!

To create your safety content fast, you start with categorising. That is, make your main services your categories.

To create your safety content fast, you start with categorising. That is, make your main services your categories.

Your main services surely have some sub-services. Make them your sub-categories, which you use to create content ideas based on what you do, how you help clients, challenges and questions your clients tend to have etc. As you create them, you will realise more and more topic ideas jump at you.

In no time, you will be creating lots of content and be bombarded with ideas.

I hope you found this very explanatory.

I can certainly help you!

Safety content professor Ike

I want your safety business to succeed and I know you may be too busy to create these topics, write the content and design graphics for social media posts.

That’s why I am here. A service I now provide is to create content for safety companies! I will go further by helping you manage you posting or interact with those who interact with your content.

I love to stand out and publish content worthy of consumption. So, I can only take on 5 clients a month. Hurry, get in there and book me fast. If you book me for a year, you get a nice discount.

Interested in my services? Please feel free to contact me here or via phone. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you enjoyed reading this post, please share with your network. Don’t keep it a secret!

Professor Ike

Professor Ike is a Certified Health and Safety specialist, safety courses creator, and the Author of the school safety book - The Making of a Total School. My goal is to help Health & Safety companies get noticed and give great value to their customers, by writing quality health, safety and well-being content for their blogs and social media pages.
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