SAFEtagious 1.0 – Done and Dusted!

SAFEtagious 1.0 – Done and Dusted!

SAFEtagious! A family safety event.

Shade a 15-year old meets a rich spoilt boy online! Wow her dreams have certainly come through! They actually made plans to hook up after school on Friday!

The meeting? Resulted in her being drugged, beaten, robbed and raped! Something that could have been prevented if only her dad had just taken action when he knew Shade was lying about her Friday afternoon plans.

This is the storyline on which SAFEtagious was planned. At Safe Schools and HSEWise, we have spent the last couple of months planning the first edition of this fabulous family safety event – SAFEtagious!

We encouraged people to come out with their children on Saturday, June 10th for this special family friendly event which featured drama, a short lecture and panel discussion around stranger safety, child sexual health, risk and family safety issues.

SAFEtagious is a one-of-a-kind annual event that seeks to empower stakeholders (parents, teachers and anyone who work with children) on how to recognize, deal with and prevent situations around various safety issues while also fostering positive relationships among stakeholders and children.

We had experts on ground who educated us on many important safety issues as they affect schools, children and families such as Comfort Ekpe, Abdulrasaq Adewole, Mercy Makinde and Wemimo Adebiyi. It was a blast!


We also had parents, children, educators and safety professionals attend!

Here are some of the feedback we received from the attendees!

SAFEtagious is an eye opener for me. Listening to experts in the field has broadened my knowledge on safety in different cases and situation – Ginika Maduka

The programme was fantastic. The facilitators were seasoned and fabulous! I enjoyed majorly the panelist session, it was so informative and educative – Faboya Yemi

Actually the event is very educative and encouraging. Being a health and safety personal in construction, I really appreciate the event, I advice that it should continue this way if possible more higher than this – Akinremi Ibrahim

You did great, sharing your wealth of experience on safety (SAFEtagious) passing on knowledge to these kids and parents, educators with your platform is a way of contributing tremendously to the safety of the community. To me I feel more secure now, because some of the measures are already taken in my school Princeton College. So I feel safe now – Princeton College

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SAFEtagious 2.0 is going to be explosive! We have a tentative date – 16th June, 2018! We hope you will be able to attend

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Professor Ike

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