SAFEtagious 2018: A Recap and an Important Announcement

SAFEtagious 2018: A Recap and an Important Announcement

SAFEtagious 2.0: A recap and An Announcement

A little over 60 days since SAFEtagious 2018 and we are still pretty much excited! It is a yearly event to celebrate Child Safety Week by Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT).

SAFEtagious was started by our founder Professor Ike, who has for the last few years been working with children and schools to get them safety conscious and compliant. Today, we want to share with you details about SAFEtagious and our future plans.

The Recap

This year, 2018, SAFEtagious a child, family and school safety event, with its first event holding in 2017, had her 2nd Edition on 9th June, 2018.

With over 250 educators and parents in attendance and 6 specialists in different fields, it sure was a great day and a huge success.

We count an event a success when your attendees remain seated to the very end, paying “serious” attention and actively participating in all activities. It was a joy to see.

What exactly is SAFEtagious about?

SAFEtagious was started with the primary aim of bringing families and schools together, to learn, bond and discuss all for child safety. The usual (at least in Nigeria) is to have parents against schools, and schools against parents. There tends to be lots of friction, wrong perception of what truly goes on in schools and homes, and just a lot of tension and lack of support.

We can’t have safe children in such a situation. If families and schools can’t work together, then we surely cannot have safe schools and children.

That is where SAFEtagious comes in.

We didn’t want to be seen as just another conference, summit, convention, forum etc. We wanted to stand out and be remembered. The name worked. It has been a contagious affair!

SAFEtagious is gotten from safety and contagious. The idea is for safety to become like a virus and spread. We want people talking about safety, doing safety and thinking safety. We cannot do this if we do not get into the hearts of people and work on their mindsets.

Massive thanks to all who made it worthwhile:

1. The Team

safetagious 2018

Here is what Professor Ike has to say:

People ask how I was able to plan such a successful event virtually. I owe it to God first, then my family and finally my staff and those who volunteered.

It wasn’t difficult planning thousands of miles away because of all of them. Yes I micro-managed, I scrutinised and approved designs and reports they sent and a whole lot of stuff. On the day I monitored and scrutinised virtually. I surely won’t call it stressful or difficult. It was essential and doable but at a point, I had to tell myself to let go and let the anchor and my team do their job. They did excellently.

2. The Speakers & Panelists

This year, we had Aunty Bimbo (Bimbo Olasope) anchor the event. Aunty Bimbo is a parent coach and radio host of the Family Fun timr radio show. She ks a bundle of joy and energy and she made sure those who attended had fun and enjoyed every bit of the event.

We had a line of wonderful and grounded speakers and panelists:

safetagious 2018

Dapo Taiwo. Lagos State School Safety Administrator and MD of Total Facilities. He spoke on Safety beyond Aesthetics and what the government expects from schools on safety.

Akinropo Akinola. Parent Coach extraordinaire, CEO of Parenmark and Author of the awesome Parenting book – Daddy, where are you? Akinropo spoke on The parent’s perspective: the beginning and the end.

Wemimo Adebiyi. A child behaviour and sexuality practitioner, radio host and a whole lot of goodness! She spoke on knowing the mind of the abuser and abused.

Julie Mogbo. (Nigeria’s Number 1 Family Bond Nurse and the brain behind the revolutionary family bond system she has introduced to many countries. She spoke on a bond system families and schools can adopt to ensure children are kept safe both at home and in schools!

Kayode Fowode. MD of Kevron Consulting, renowned Chartered Safety expert, Process Safety Guru and The Convener of IOSH Informal Network Nigeria. He spoke on killing safety risks before they kill your business.

We were also honoured to have Mrs Aderonke Odeneye, a Director at Lagos State Safety Commission, grace the event and represent the Commission. She joined the panel session and educated the audience on what Lagos State was doing concerning safety of children and schools.

Mrs Aderonke Odeneye, Director, Lagos State Safety Commission


Founders of Pushofa Concept and Kizzle Beauty appreciating the speakers with gifts.

3. The following People and Organisations

The Attendees:

Parents, educators, schools representatives and children.

The “Unseen & Unheard” Workers:

Decorators, sound, photography and video, generator operators, security and cleaners.

The Partners & Sponsors:

Evergreen School, Pushofa Concepts, Kizzle Beauty, Film Scriptic, Acquilla Safety Solutions, Fresh Fountain Consulting, First Aid Services Nigeria (our official emergency management team) and Seed Circle.

Lanre Oniyitan, Founder of Seed Circle, making great impact in the Education Sector, building the underprivileged!


I also introduced my book – The Making of a Total School!

Written with Africa and the developing world in mind! The idea of the book was to introduce safety to schools in these communities in ways possible. Not something that seemed like it fell from space but rather something they could relate with and work with. I will be sharing more about the book in a separate post. Link coming soon!

More about the book and how to get one can be found at My Personal Site and Distributors in various parts of Nigeria.

We also wanted SAFEtagious to have an element of fun.

Let’s face it, many safety professionals make safety appear to be a scary trouble maker. They simply do not know how to have fun. We wanted people to learn, think and be bothered about safety, we also wanted them to enjoy life at the same time.

In 2017, we had drama by a drama group who used their story-line to educate us on the dangers of the online world. Who really is the stranger behind that screen? It was short, sweet and impactful. Children in the audience could tell who the “bad” guy was without having to break things down. They got it. That was our aim.

In 2018, we had a Raffle draw. Prizes were carefully chosen. From our work with schools, we knew what most of their safety needs were and our aim was to help them meet their needs. Schools won fire extinguishers, first aid boxes, fire safety signs and the school safety starter kit designed and compiled by our founder, Professor Ike. The anticipation and joy could be felt. No matter how small, people love to win!

One of our wonderful winners!

Do I hear you saying you want to see more of what went down?

The official photos have been out for a while – you can check all of them out including all updates on on the official Facebook page. We have also added some here. We just got the video back and will be adding it to YouTube for people all over the world to see. Please be on the look out.

The Announcement

It is no news that SAFEtagious is certainly back next year!

It will be happening on 8th June, 2019. The Theme for next year’s event will be announced in January 2019!

The news is that you can be a huge part of it.

1. Apply to have the event in your location.

SAFEtagious is still the only event that brings families and schools together for child and school safety! You can have a SAFEtagious event with our approval, support and guidance. We want to ensure that everywhere SAFEtagious takes place, the goal and activities are pretty much the same. All you need to do is enter your email address below. You will be sent some information on how to apply.

2. Become a sponsor.

We need sponsors for next year’s event happening in Lagos and London! Yes London!
You can sponsor:
1. in cash and in kind. Please contact us for whichever option you choose to go for.
2. by being an exhibitor or a financial supporter.
3: by offering your services for free or discounted. We need photographers, videographers, printing and publication, venue, decoration and anything else to make the event a success.

All you need to do is enter your email address below. You will be sent some information on how to sponsor the event.

3. Apply to speak in Lagos or London.

After this year’s (2018) successful event, we had speaking requests and enquiries for subsequent events. If you are skilled in any area of child, family or school safety, then please write to us at hello[at] Send your bio/profile, your proposed topic and summary, links to your social media profiles and websites and any other information you may find relevant.

We hope you’re excited about this new development! We are!

We can only achieve success with your support.

Please share this post to your friends and family. Tell them to share it also! 😁

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Professor Ike

Professor Ike is a Certified Health and Safety specialist, safety courses creator, and the Author of the school safety book - The Making of a Total School. My goal is to help Health & Safety companies get noticed and give great value to their customers, by writing quality health, safety and well-being content for their blogs and social media pages.
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