So you need safety content for your blog + social media pages?

So you need safety content for your blog + social media pages?
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Do you need safety content?

One of the challenges that I have faced running my safety business, is finding the right person to create content for my business.

Every time we got a social media manager, I realised that I spent weeks and weeks and weeks, trying to correct their work and trying to teach them what to do. I usually couldn’t use what they always came up with.

Truth is, I realised that they just weren’t getting better, and that getting better would take time. Lots of time.

Time I didn’t have.

I rather spend that time creating content for Safe Schools and managing the social media pages. I need unique content and only me seem to be able to please me 😁.

But it surely got me thinking. Are there any safety content writers? Do they exist? I searched high and low and found none.

As always, am idea hit me.

I have been looking to reinvent myself and do less of safety in the practical term – will share more on this some other time.

I have always wanted to support safety businesses and mentor and train others to become epic safety professionals (which I already started through my school safety portal).

After sacking my last social media manager after just 2 weeks on the job (it was a living hell as he seemed unorganised, couldn’t work according to brief, and was not as knowledgeable as he portrayed during his interview), I finally asked myself a question.

“Why not start a service, creating content for safety business since no one seems to be able to meet your needs?” Other safety businesses surely must be having the same problem as me! Yes?

Welcome to the new and improved HSEWise – Your Safety Media company dedicated to creating SAFETY CONTENT that attracts your target market, generates GROWTH and SALES, and positions your organisation an an AUTHORITY. Yes!

I can help you achieve this. How else do you think I became the leader for school safety in Nigeria and other parts of the world?

How did I become the go-to school safety consultant, that has opened doors and opportunities for me even in other sectors?

It was through me sharing, and sharing good quality content. All created and managed by me.

Day in day out, I shared useful pieces of content that got me noticed, positioned me as an authority in school safety, and saw my business grow from a one-man band to a team of dedicated consultants and assistants. I got sales and business opportunities just like that – yes just like that. Largely because I chose to be visible and share my work, and what I was able to achieve.

I will show you how – from deciding on topic to the actual content for that topic. You will be amazed how easy it is, and will wonder why you never thought about it before.

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Why should you create content anyway?

Once upon a time, I created content aimlessly. I created just for the sake of creating them and because, once upon a king, “content is king” was the in thing.

No plan. No strategy. No aim really.

My work reached my target audience but that was just it. It took a while before I realised I need to be more strategic with my message.

Creating content takes time, energy and resources. It should yield greater than you put in.

For me, it made me an expert in the eyes and minds of people. Yes I hate the word expert but I get called that a lot so let’s just go with the flow. For the purpose of this post.

Creating and sharing content also gave me speaking opportunities and made people buy what I had to sell. This is what I wanted so I made sure my content was designed to bring me this desired result.

While I am not where I want to be, I am certainly not where I was when I started blogging 6 years ago or where I was a year ago.

So decide why you want to create content and how, by identifying what you hope to achieve with the content. Start here!

My next post will share with you what you can immediately do with that vision but here is how HSEWise can help you.

Here is how my team I can help you?

As I shared in the beginning of this post, the frustration of not finding a safety content writer for my businesses, made me realise there is huge gap that I can fill.

For years, I have been creating my own contents and managing all my company’s social media accounts and have had significant success doing it. I even published a book on school safety in 2018. So yes, I have what it takes to create content for safety business using what has worked for me over the years.

HSEWise has been just a blog and a way to showcase my skills and knowledge, but going forward, it is no longer just a blog.

We now help Health and Safety companies and consultants get noticed, and give great value to their customers, by writing quality health, safety and well-being content for their blogs and social media pages.

From starting your own safety blog, writing a blog post or set number of content monthly, we have you covered! Please click here to learn more on the packages we have!

Let me know what you think.

The Professor Ike.

Professor Ike

Professor Ike is a Certified Health and Safety specialist, safety courses creator, and the Author of the school safety book - The Making of a Total School. My goal is to help Health & Safety companies get noticed and give great value to their customers, by writing quality health, safety and well-being content for their blogs and social media pages.
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