Valentine’s Gifts To Give A Mental Health Boost

Valentine’s Gifts To Give A Mental Health Boost

We are in the month of LOVE! A good time to share on gifts you can give to that special one that leaves them mentally stimulated, happy and hearty!

For most people, Valentine’s Day can be filled with uncertainty. While spending the day with the one you love is great fun, there can be a lot of stress when it comes to finding the right gift and pairing it with a card that says everything that’s in your heart.

That’s why it makes sense to focus on gifts that can help people’s mental health. Anxiety and depression can strike at any time of year, but the wintertime cold can exacerbate depressive symptoms. Getting a Valentine’s gift that boosts someone’s mental health is both helpful and an expression of love. But why do some people struggle so much during a holiday that is all about love and happiness?

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Why Valentine’s is Stressful

Forbes explains that there are several reasons why Valentine’s Day is so stressful. There tends to be a lot of expectation and build up around this one single day. You expect it to be like something out of a fairy tale, so when it falls short, you react more negatively than normal. Watching romance movies often makes things worse, as you might find yourself picking out everything you want your relationship to be that it isn’t, even though you know in the back of your mind the movie is fictional and simply not realistic.

Relationship stress is another problem. You find yourself going through your relationship with a fine tooth comb, and making a mountain out of a molehill. Is he/she the one? Does he/she love me? Will we ever be on the same schedule? What about the same time zone? There just seems to be something about this day of love that triggers an internal (and external) freak out.

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Healthy Outlets

With all that added stress and anxiety around Valentine’s, what gifts can you give that help? CNBC lists several relaxing gifts that can work for almost everyone.

  • Magnetic sculptures are inexpensive but relaxing as you change the sculpture by moving the magnetic pieces around.
  • Kinetic sand is similarly engaging and relaxing.
  • Zen stone gardens are time-tested gifts that help you feel grounded and centered.
  • A Buddha Board lets you paint with water. As the image dries, it fades away so you can make another relaxing image.
  • A decision spinner can help people who are indecisive.

Your gift does not have to be a physical object. Giving the gift of massage is a great way to boost someone’s mental health. Not only does massage help with blood flow and pain management, it has been shown to increase the release of mood-boosting chemicals in the brain. Plus, getting a massage just feels great, and is a great option for a couple’s gift.

Learning Improves Cognition

Stress and anxiety can lead to depression, but it can also hurt someone’s cognitive abilities. In other words, it can be hard to think straight when you’re stressed out. That’s why a gift that improves cognition can be a great help to someone’s mental health.

For example, learning a musical instrument has many benefits. It can help you feel accomplished and increase your self-esteem. Playing an instrument is also a great outlet for stress and anxiety. There are plenty of buying guides online, such as this one for the trumpet, making giving the gift of music simple and stress-free. Perhaps you could take it a step further and pay for the first online lesson.

The Huffington Post reports that puzzles and games can also be fun while improving cognition. Board games are getting more popular these days and for good reason. They provide hours of entertainment while exercising your brain. Imagine how nice it would be to avoid the Valentine’s Day crowd by ordering in and just playing a game!

Valentine’s Gifts Should Make You Feel Good

Any well-received gift can help people feel better, but some gifts can give a mental health boost. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your loved one just how much you care about their well-being, so go beyond the flowers and chocolate this year. Look for relaxing gifts like magnetic sculptures or massages, and try online music lessons to improve cognition. This year, don’t let the holidays drag your special someone down. Buy gifts that boost their mental health instead.

Wow! Hope you enjoyed reading that and plan to go shopping real soon! You still have time to make that special one feel loved.

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