When hardwork doesn’t pay

When hardwork doesn’t pay

The last 2 months have been very hectic. I have been very busy to the point where I have no time for myself not to talk of this blog and my special projects. Today however, the hardwork has finally taken its toll on me – I started feeling really ill yesterday just as I was about to finish my work for the day. The honest truth is that the last 2 weeks or so, I have kinda felt ill but the feeling never lasted and secretly I knew the day will come when the feeling will refuse to go away but my important tasks just couldn’t permit me to take a break and take care of myself. You are probably thinking that with all my preaching of not stressing and taking a break, I would know better right? Little wonder some doctors smoke despite the fact that they know “too well” what damage smoking does to ones’ health 😉

Each time I felt unwell, I kept deceiving myself that the following week I would take some time off. But how can you take time off when there is so much to attend to and when if you do take a break, those things will suffer badly? Well I managed to drive myself home and just jumped in bed.

Malaria? Stress? Or both? Whatever it is, I am feeling much better since I decided to stay home and give myself some TLC “before I come and kill myself and die away” as my sister will say. I made myself a nice breakfast and presently drinking a nice cup of green tea. So yum! Not forgetting I just called my doctor and still need to see him for antimalarial injections (I so hate the tablets!). Still got my mind on work though but it can wait, need to take care of me. Plus taking time off work gave me the opportunity to write this post and the one on digital health devices. So happy reading!

By the way, Happy Independence Nigeria!

Love always,
Professor Ike (helping you #BeHSEWise)

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